My pissa and my brink


The hours between school scoop-up and shoe-horning your child(ren) into bed can sometimes require careful planning. The following questions may arise:

Do I neglect my offspring(s) to cook something that surpasses buttered toast?

Do I sacrifice dinner to commit myself fully to playing toy cars, wrestling or ‘eyed-and-seek’ (like hide-and-seek, but you hide a tiny sticker eye…)?

Do I arrange a playdate with another child and risk the carnage of ‘let’s-empty-out-every-single-drawer-and-cupboard-and-then-make-a-bathroom-potion’?

Briscola may have the answer…!

On Wednesday 3rd February we will be hosting a trial children’s teatime social from 3.30-5.30pm. The previous advertisement of a film has been stalled due to licencing requirements and a clash with another children’s film night in Bolly that week, but we will still be going ahead with the get-together and there will be pens galore as we launch our Valentine’s wall – which we hope to fill with children’s pictures of the joy that is love (love also being the key ingredient to all our food).

What’s in it for the kids? They are fed, watered and get to hang out with their friends (with a potential element of being reunited with old nursery friends and rhythm time buddies).

What’s in it for the parents? You can chill in the bar; which will be open, and the restaurant will be on hand for any food orders. No cooking, cleaning, fixing torn-down curtain poles…

Please come along and support this afternoon, which we hope will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Price: £4.99 for children – all you can eat pizza and pasta and a drink.


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