Mother’s Ruin

 Brace yourselves for portraits with over-sized heads, hands like sunflowers and lego-style hair-dos… as we launch the Briscola Mother’s Day gallery.

Following the success of our kids’ teatime event in February, we are delighted to announce our post-school Mother’s Day event on Wednesday 2nd March. We shall be whipping up another batch of the well-received fresh pasta Bolognese and Pizzas, to accompany the creation of the new children’s gallery – an ode to Happy Valley Mums.

A little apprehensive about the place being utter chaos, we proceeded with caution with our first event – only to be very pleasantly surprised with immaculate behaviour and a sense of peace; as the kids sat quietly and busily drew pictures, then ate their food. We now feel confident to market this event to the masses – safe in the knowledge that the wine rack will not be torn down, the chair legs won’t be gnawed to death and the parents won’t hit the gin too heavily and start throwing peppermills at each other, or crying in a foetal position in one of the booths.

It was a joy to see kids eating fresh food and asking for second and third helpings, especially of the Bolognese. A quote from one happy four year old customer: ‘Mummy I am NEVER eating the pizza there again. Because the pasta is AMAZING!’

Our Valentine’s afternoon sparked a sea of lovely feedback and there have been more than a few tears at reading some of the messages that the kids wrote, such as:

Love is… my mum – kind, organised, always loves me, helpful, beautiful.

Love is… a special thing in life, it is a way of showing you care for someone and they are very special so you don’t want to lose them.

Love is… an egg lorry.

The latter of these admittedly posing a lower risk of heartache and betrayal.

Please call or email to book your place – we want to ensure we are able to cater for everyone and have enough staff in place to keep the food flowing and everyone feeling welcome. As before, we will have the bar and restaurant open for any food or drink orders for any of the accompanying adults.

We look forward to seeing you soon for another afternoon of fun and loveliness.

For those of you wanting to treat your mum to a T-bone steak and pint of G & T* on Mother’s Day itself (*author’s preference), we are taking bookings and the kitchen will be open from 1.30-7.30pm. Some places have been booked already so please book early to ensure your place.

Briscola: 01625 573898 /


Bubbles and Neck Straps

jazz 2016 februaryWe had fun at the children’s Valentine’s teatime, we were bowled over by the love on our Valentine’s weekend – now it’s time for an evening of sax.

On 28th February, we will be hosting our jazz night at Briscola and are lucky to have not one but two sturdy-necked pursed-lipped saxophonists gracing our candle-lit dining room. Those fearing neglect of Chad Jackson, Fleur East and George Michael covers can rest assured that we will be playing some serious funk amongst all-out classic jazz tunes. There’s something for every musical taste (with the exception of death metal).

Worried about the logistics of cooking your evening meal to coordinate with the 6.30pm start? Do not fret, we have a set menu at hand to fuel your energy systems ready for some serious toe-tapping and nodding. £29 gets you two courses, a glass of Prosecco and the gig – that’s about a tenth of the price of a ticket to see a pop band (where the food will cost an additional £8 per slice of dubious-ingredients pizza and drinks will come at a further £8 for a glass of out of date Blue Nun).

This musical venture comes as a refreshing alternative to our usual soundtrack – which sees the likes Jennifer Rush and Celine Dion on loop (except for when the cleaning is going on – then we have a good blast of anything that sparks a bit of karaoke and some Mrs-Doubtfire-style-mop-dancing).

We look forward to welcoming the artists and witnessing them buzzing their lips on the hard rubber rim of their mouthpieces and vibrating their reeds for us. This is surely going to be saucier than the Bolognese – we are most excited.



Is that a Jalapeño Pepper in your apron…?

File_000.jpegOur Valentine’s day competition has led to many verbal disclosures of dating disasters; tales of nervous drinking leading to climbing scaffolding on a first date, choking on olive stones in posh a posh restaurant and laughing so hard that red wine came out of one lady’s nose. However, no one has braved sharing these stories on social media, and therefore the £100 of prizes remain unclaimed. And this is understandable given that a number of the stories were firmly in the ‘X-rated’ category (whilst we are a proud family restaurant, we cannot bypass the report of a testicle injury…).

So… we have decided to make this easier for the general public, sparing their modesty whilst still giving the opportunity to win one of our prizes, as listed below:

  • £40 of Briscola gift vouchers
  • A Manicure at the Beauty Room in Macclesfield (worth £25)
  • £10 for the very lovely Curtis Curiosities gift shop in Bollington


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes is to share this post on social media – sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

‘Is that it?!’ Come the cries from the Happy Valley. ‘No, there is more!’ We are still giving away a bottle of Valpolicella worth £29.95 for those who book for Valentine’s Day online. This is now a several horse race – thank you to those who have confirmed your table online.

We welcome families on Valentine’s Day – and there’s still opportunity for kids to add to our Valentine’s gallery with their concept of ‘Love is….’ Perhaps we should start an adult gallery – with pictures of ‘Love is…’ featuring clothes lying next to the washing basket, inabilities to find things in the fridge or feeling comfortable in out-sized beige knickers with a built-in muffin-top disguiser…

We are open from 1.30pm – come and feel the love, to a background of George Michael tracks, red roses and heart-shaped pizzas*

*not guaranteed (I’m trying to persuade the chef on this one….!)

Thank you for reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

The Artichoke’s On You

Following the Briscola bar being drunk dry of hazelnut liqueur within a week of customers being reminded of its existence, or being introduced to it for the first time, we felt we should do more to spread the good word of the digestif and the joy it can bring post fresh Italian meal.

Scouring the shelves of the bar, customers have been taking a brave step away from the security of the lemon-based favourite (there’s got to be scope for endorsement here…!), and venturing into the world of artichoke liqueur. That’s right, it really does exist; it is a rare specimen and we have it gracing our top shelf.

What are the benefits of this tipple? Aside from just simply being a cool drink, it can be a pleasant post-meal-relaxant and it brings something a little different to your evening (especially if you drink loads of the stuff).

So in addition to the reminders of our fresh food, relaxing weekday lounge-feel, buzzing weekend atmosphere and takeaway menu, we want to remind you of the drinks we have to offer.

Please don’t feel you have to come and have a meal here in order to work your way merrily through our spirit shelves – we are happy for you to come and hang out in the bar, and join us for a late night candle-lit tipple in the warm. Been out and had to drive back? Why not pop over for a couple to end your evening. And with Valentine’s day approaching, a hammering of the hard-stuff (intentional pun) could lead to a little romance. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with some hot pepperoni and a rare veggie tipple?

Those brave enough to indulge, we shall be posting the footage online of any falls from stools, tumbles downstairs and snogging over a steaming rump.

Bottoms up.

Bringing Home the Bacon (in a Carbonara)

We realised recently that our take-out menu has been something of a neglected soul. Whilst not quite comparable to a JK Rowling script sat idle on a laptop, we felt this is something we should give a little time to promoting and getting out there for the Happy Valley community to, quite literally, get their teeth into.

Aside from getting in from a long day and having to muster up the will to cook something, there is also the matter of those for whom date nights have taken a back seat – the cost of babysitting, timing an exit to avoid child-hanging-off-your-ankle syndrome (amidst tears of ‘You can’t leave me!’) and the risk that is dining out with your child as the bedtime approaches and the mood switches from angelic little pudding to Road-Runner-energy-meets-attitude-of-pre-match-boxer…

We are happy to box up a fresh meals of antipasti, pasta, pizza, bruschetta, our famous garlic breads, salad, a bottle of wine, or for those with acquired tastes; an entire Tiramisu and a bottle of Perno, and have it ready for your collection. You are also welcome to pop in early and have a drink in the bar area whilst you wait.

‘What about lunchtimes?’ we hear you cry! Fear not, not only will we happily take lunch-time orders, but if you are working in Bollington and a group of you would welcome lunch bought to the door then please give us a call and we will accommodate as able, without delivery charge.

You can come in to order, ring us with your order on 01625 886793 or email from the convenience of your desk: Please note that we offer a 10% discount on all orders collected between 5.30-7pm weekdays and 5.30-6.30pm weekends.

DANGER! Please note that eating in your own home does pose the risk of missing out on a steady flow of classic love songs and of course the charisma of the host.