The Artichoke’s On You

Following the Briscola bar being drunk dry of hazelnut liqueur within a week of customers being reminded of its existence, or being introduced to it for the first time, we felt we should do more to spread the good word of the digestif and the joy it can bring post fresh Italian meal.

Scouring the shelves of the bar, customers have been taking a brave step away from the security of the lemon-based favourite (there’s got to be scope for endorsement here…!), and venturing into the world of artichoke liqueur. That’s right, it really does exist; it is a rare specimen and we have it gracing our top shelf.

What are the benefits of this tipple? Aside from just simply being a cool drink, it can be a pleasant post-meal-relaxant and it brings something a little different to your evening (especially if you drink loads of the stuff).

So in addition to the reminders of our fresh food, relaxing weekday lounge-feel, buzzing weekend atmosphere and takeaway menu, we want to remind you of the drinks we have to offer.

Please don’t feel you have to come and have a meal here in order to work your way merrily through our spirit shelves – we are happy for you to come and hang out in the bar, and join us for a late night candle-lit tipple in the warm. Been out and had to drive back? Why not pop over for a couple to end your evening. And with Valentine’s day approaching, a hammering of the hard-stuff (intentional pun) could lead to a little romance. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with some hot pepperoni and a rare veggie tipple?

Those brave enough to indulge, we shall be posting the footage online of any falls from stools, tumbles downstairs and snogging over a steaming rump.

Bottoms up.


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