Is that a Jalapeño Pepper in your apron…?

File_000.jpegOur Valentine’s day competition has led to many verbal disclosures of dating disasters; tales of nervous drinking leading to climbing scaffolding on a first date, choking on olive stones in posh a posh restaurant and laughing so hard that red wine came out of one lady’s nose. However, no one has braved sharing these stories on social media, and therefore the £100 of prizes remain unclaimed. And this is understandable given that a number of the stories were firmly in the ‘X-rated’ category (whilst we are a proud family restaurant, we cannot bypass the report of a testicle injury…).

So… we have decided to make this easier for the general public, sparing their modesty whilst still giving the opportunity to win one of our prizes, as listed below:

  • £40 of Briscola gift vouchers
  • A Manicure at the Beauty Room in Macclesfield (worth £25)
  • £10 for the very lovely Curtis Curiosities gift shop in Bollington


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes is to share this post on social media – sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

‘Is that it?!’ Come the cries from the Happy Valley. ‘No, there is more!’ We are still giving away a bottle of Valpolicella worth £29.95 for those who book for Valentine’s Day online. This is now a several horse race – thank you to those who have confirmed your table online.

We welcome families on Valentine’s Day – and there’s still opportunity for kids to add to our Valentine’s gallery with their concept of ‘Love is….’ Perhaps we should start an adult gallery – with pictures of ‘Love is…’ featuring clothes lying next to the washing basket, inabilities to find things in the fridge or feeling comfortable in out-sized beige knickers with a built-in muffin-top disguiser…

We are open from 1.30pm – come and feel the love, to a background of George Michael tracks, red roses and heart-shaped pizzas*

*not guaranteed (I’m trying to persuade the chef on this one….!)

Thank you for reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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