Bubbles and Neck Straps

jazz 2016 februaryWe had fun at the children’s Valentine’s teatime, we were bowled over by the love on our Valentine’s weekend – now it’s time for an evening of sax.

On 28th February, we will be hosting our jazz night at Briscola and are lucky to have not one but two sturdy-necked pursed-lipped saxophonists gracing our candle-lit dining room. Those fearing neglect of Chad Jackson, Fleur East and George Michael covers can rest assured that we will be playing some serious funk amongst all-out classic jazz tunes. There’s something for every musical taste (with the exception of death metal).

Worried about the logistics of cooking your evening meal to coordinate with the 6.30pm start? Do not fret, we have a set menu at hand to fuel your energy systems ready for some serious toe-tapping and nodding. £29 gets you two courses, a glass of Prosecco and the gig – that’s about a tenth of the price of a ticket to see a pop band (where the food will cost an additional £8 per slice of dubious-ingredients pizza and drinks will come at a further £8 for a glass of out of date Blue Nun).

This musical venture comes as a refreshing alternative to our usual soundtrack – which sees the likes Jennifer Rush and Celine Dion on loop (except for when the cleaning is going on – then we have a good blast of anything that sparks a bit of karaoke and some Mrs-Doubtfire-style-mop-dancing).

We look forward to welcoming the artists and witnessing them buzzing their lips on the hard rubber rim of their mouthpieces and vibrating their reeds for us. This is surely going to be saucier than the Bolognese – we are most excited.




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