Italian Stallion

12834688_10154683794631632_462076196_n2016 has seen us give our online presence a kick up the backside and welcome new events and customers. Back in 2007 Briscola was ranked by The Times as one of the top ten pasta restaurants in the UK, and also, in the same year, we landed in their top ten restaurants for kids – and this is the standard we strive to maintain. It’s time to start chasing awards again…

March 7th saw the launch of the Good Food Guide Local Restaurant awards – which we are hungry to do well in. The Stallion is ready to race.

So why should you bother to vote for us? At this point we could choose to adopt a reality TV competition-style approach and reel off multiple tales of woe about staff members, customers and local incidents; elaborating on the truth of minor events such as lost pets and hip strains, and claiming lives have been touch and go. However, we are confident that our genuine passion for high quality food and the care for our customers can carry us.

Aside from the excellent service and food, here are some of the things that we believe make us extra special:

– We host jazz nights, kid’s teatime events, parties and have a pending Turkish night. We’re not afraid to think outside the box and try something new (if trade increases we have ideas to invest in a novelty delivery vehicle…).

– We serve artichoke liqueur. This is a drink of kings – and you are unlikely to stumble across another top shelf like ours.

– We post online giveaways, donate to raffles and reward online bookings. This year so far there have been over £100 worth of prizes issued by our restaurant.

– In the space of a few weeks we have seen daily reads of over 350 on our new blog site; which is now being followed by other writers and has led to a successful uptake on events such as our recent jazz night and Mother’s Day.

– We have locally-sourced food and support a local brewery by selling their beers in our restaurant bar.

– We make an immense Nutella cheesecake. Even those without a sweet tooth want to bathe in this pudding.  Proposals are likely to have been made over this dessert.

We continue to be grateful to everyone who is supporting us online and by coming to dine in our restaurant with their friends, family and business colleagues – your votes for this award would be much appreciated.


01625 573 898 – Briscola Restaurant, 88 Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5PW


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