For those expecting an article on anything other than freshly ground coffee, we confirm this is a purely a coffee-bean-grinding-themed post.

A recent conversation held in the Happy Valley was around the popularity that a coffee house might attract – for walkers, parents off work, and those wanting a take-out caffeine boost. This triggered another realisation that we have another area of Briscola that we need to promote: not only do we do take-out coffees, but we are happy for the bar area to be used as a lunchtime/afternoon coffee bar, and we have a mean coffee grinder to deliver really good coffees.

We have coffees to suit all: decaf, soya milk lattes, almond milk cappuccinos, rocket-fuel espressos, Irish, Gaelic, Jamaican Blast, Napoleon, Calypso, Italian and Russian. These can be served in-house with an accompanying Nutella cheesecake, after a fresh salad lunch or we can whip up a liqueur coffee to take up White Nancy – now we’re talking.

If we can drum up the ‘coffee-bar’ trade then we can certainly look at opening early one day a week to deliver a morning service to those who would like it. We can see a ‘cosy Café Del Mar’ set-up working nicely, with some chill out music and a few rustic candles. This could be an ‘instant’ success (sorry…).

Our grinder is too much of an unknown treasure – so please go forth and spill the beans. Everyone is welcome in for a coffee, and there’s no obligation to buy a meal.

With best wishes and a large serving of Affogato,


Written by Millionaire Waitress




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