Embracing the Gluten-free Carbs


The Gluten-free traffic is increasing through Briscola, with honks of “I wish I’d known earlier”. And so, our gut-friendly gluten-free blog is born.

Regardless of intolerance, allergy, weight-watching or stomachs that inflate like gym balls at the mere whiff of gluten, we are happy to provide ‘free-from’ dishes. So where do we hide these dishes on our menu? We don’t: take anything you’d like from any of our menus, and we’ll do our best to muster up a gluten-free version. Lasagne and cannelloni requests are best made in advance, but we have gluten-free pasta, pizza bases and breads at the ready for the other options on the menu. And this goes for take-out and buffets too – you can enjoy the food on you sofa in the company of such TV gems as Tattoo Fixers, or to comfort you at your desk whilst you attempt to survive a 17 page Excel spreadsheet creation in a 20 minute time slot. No one needs bowel irritation amidst such activities.

The feedback is good – our pizza base rivals the one that is gluten-friendly and we have had new customers on the back of its recommendation. We have also considered those who are solely wheat-intolerant, and recently added a barley risotto to our specials board – which has been well-received.

Dairy-free diners, do not feel neglected – we can whip up an almond and coconut latte no problem. And we have vegan cheese and soya cream braced for your arrival (we can adapt sauces as well as drinks with this). So carb-lovers, do not feel you have to leave your vegan or celiac friends or partners behind or sneak crafty take-outs on the quiet. Come as a party of mixed dietary requirements and fill your table with an array of dishes to feed your gluten-loving or gluten-intolerant palettes.

Any more requests – let us know, we always welcome a gap in the unmet market and are keen to make everyone feel welcome.

Written by Millionaire Waitress

Please see more details about our restaurant or book via www.briscola.co.uk 



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